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We often find the quality and variety of our food is one of the things that keeps people coming back to The Rose.

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Ala Carte

    1. Baby back pork ribs
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      chicken ballantine

      Baby back pork ribs

      classic marinated baby back pork ribs in our BBQ sauce with beer battered fries

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      Baked field mushroom

      Baked field mushroom topped with crab and roasted red capsicum smothered with melted brie

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      Seared Scallops

      seared scallops on truffle mash with crisp prosciutto and saffron oil

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      Grilled Haloumi

      Grilled Haloumi topped with a mango salsa and wasabi olive oil

    1. $26.00 full rack
    2. $19.50
    3. $16.50
    4. $12.50

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Let our fantastic staff serve you with a culinary delight you'd never thought possible form a pub.

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    1. Donny Brasco
    2. Garden of Eden
    3. Ginger Mojito
    4. Espresso Martini
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      donnie brascos "forget about it"

      violently smashed fresh strawberries and lime, submerged in absolut current and peach schnapps served tall with cranberry and orange juice.

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      garden of eden

      fresh apple and mint muddled with lemongrass vodka, shaken with absolute peach and apple schnapps. served tall with apple juice and ginger ale. the perfect afternoon drink - why not order a pitcher for $24 to share with friends, you might seduce adam or eve!

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      Ginger mojito

      perfect evening starter. crushed limes with bacardi white rum, fresh mint, splash of homemade sugar syrup and a twist ... topping this classic with ginger beer. a twist on an old classic - our pick of the bunch. mojito's also available in classic style for those who like it straight up and down.

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      espresso martini

      tantric combination of sharp espresso, vodka, kahlua and mozart black slow shaken over ice with just a hint of cream. garnished with a few coffee beans. ask for an additional layer of fresh cream if that's your bag.

    1. $11.00
    2. $11.00
    3. $11.00
    4. $11.00

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Shh... don't tell the bartender, but by golly he is an amazing mixer.

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Take Away Menu

    1. Cake “Papá Noël”
    2. Cake “Papá Noël”
    3. Cake “Papá Noël”
    4. Cake “Papá Noël”
    1. dots
    2. dots
    3. dots
    4. dots
    1. $5.90 200 ml
    2. $5.90 200 ml
    3. $5.90 200 ml
    4. $5.90 200 ml

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